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How To Get Started With Crowdfunding

By AT&T Business Circle Contributor

Three years ago, frustrated with the tangle of cords on his kitchen countertop, David Alden cobbled together a series of dog leashes and tape measures to create an automatic cord-winding device to clear up the mess. It was a simple solution to a common problem, and his friends urged him to turn it into a business. But he didn’t have the capital to get a company off the ground. With no collateral, a traditional bank loan was out of the question, and while he and his wife used much of their savings to create the initial prototypes, he didn’t want to mortgage his home for such a risky venture. So, he turned to the Internet.

In February, 2012, Alden launched a campaign on Kickstarter, one of many crowdfunding sites that give entrepreneurs a platform to raise capital to support their business ideas. His goal was to raise at least $10,000 to ramp up production of the Recoil Automatic Cord Winder. By the end of the campaign, he had raised $141,000. 
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Rating: Strong Recommend*

One problem hasn't gone away in this time of rapid tech innovation: the array of cords required to live a modern, digital life has only grown. I have an entire drawer in my home dedicated to cords and they're a mess. And yet, the products out there to address the issue largely leave something to be desired. They're highly manual, often fray the cords and aren't always compact. Recoil Winders solve a ton of these problems.
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Cords and cables will come and go, but they will always get tangled, except if you have Recoil Winders.
— Judi Dash Travel Gear and Gadgets
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"If your cord storage basket looks like a bird's nest and it takes you 10 minutes to untangle just one, Recoil is the best antidote to smart phone, smart pad and laptop cord mayhem." 
— Malerie Yolen-Cohen

Recoil Automatic Cord Winder: Most Proficient Way to Get Rid of Tangled Cords and Cables
— Jignesh Padhiyar, Founder iGeeksBlog.com

Cords. Everywhere you look, there are cords. We were promised this cord-free utopia long ago, but it’s not arrived.
Not ready to buy a new cable? Our answer to that is the Recoil
— Nate Swaner

"Who knew it could be this easy and so cool..."




FRIENDS. I have some very exciting news. I’m about to solve your cord problems. 
Even if you don’t think you need these for yourself, you’re in denial the holidays are coming up fast and I’m sure you know lots of people who aren’t in denial would definitely love to receive a few!
— Kerra Michele, Apartment Envy




I hate wires particularly when they get tangled; I once dreamed that I was being strangled by a bunch of cords (more of a nightmare). Recoil Cord Management System comes in different sizes, colors, easy to use, durable, and easlly adjustable which gives it 5 stars on TechPicks rating scale.
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Untangle your Cords with Recoil

"I asked my husband to assist me in this review because he has a lot of electronics that he could use these Recoil Winders on. Once I explained the process to him and instructed him on how they work, he asked if I could order a dozen or so of the Winders in various sizes. Now, my husband is not easily impressed; however, he loved the idea behind the Recoil Winders and the simplicity of the actual product. Needless to say, he loved the fact that he could protect his fragile electronic cords from damage, especially when we are traveling."

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Recoil Automatic Cord Winders - In-depth Updated Review

Recoil Automatic Winders - Wire Management at its Finest!




"We were recently given samples to try out for ourselves – 2 medium winders and one large. After using them on several of my charging cables and headphones, I really can't imagine traveling without them. First off, they wind very quickly – it can be almost surprising at first if you are not expecting it. Second, they protect your cords from knots and kinks, which can ruin your cords over time. Finally, they save time and frustration by preventing you from having to deal with a tangled up mess."

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"So simple yet effective you’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t kickstart the idea yourself...Utterly brilliant – we’ll be ordering plenty of these wonderful Recoil Winders."

MobileMag.com: " This Kickstarter project looks like a game changer…"

GadgetMac: "...this ingenious little contraption actually does the job for you quickly and efficiently....It's the only automatic, self-winding cord gadget we've ever seen, and we really like the sound of that."

Never Chill: "Another amazing invention out of the Kickstarter corner. Recoil automatically winds up your headphones and other like-minded peripherals in 2 seconds so you’ll never have to worry about tangles again."

SGBlogs.com: "This is one of those things that makes you wonder why didn't anyone think of it earlier...Say goodbye to tangles in a fun and simple way".

"Recoil Winders are Awesome!"TechGeeks1701

"Handy for cleaning up your desk and organizing your cords" — TechLovinDude

"We rate this a 10 out of 10!" — Viso Technology

"I would recommend these in a heartbeat to any gadget owner out there"
— Reviews4i

"Recoil Winders cable management system delivers" — ZDnet

"These are great for traveling, and the design is amazing!"  — Wise Gadgets

"Cable Winder Is the Cure For Knotted Headphones" — Gizmodo

"A great way to minimize the knot rage that plagues our mobile society" — Gizmodo AU

"The Recoil Winder is made of 100% AWESOMENESS….."  — Unbox

"I really like these winders!" — TheIPodHelp101

"Recoil Winders definitely has something very unique…." — NH Tech

"No more cable spaghetti, no more untangling and no more crying at night alone with a mess of cables" — Tools Toys

"I found it very easy,...Definitely recommend"
— Connor Reviews and More