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Look around you, all around you. Once you start seeing tangled cords, you won't stop and we apologize in advance for that. 

We at Recoil Manufacturing have made it our mission to end the fight with tangled cords. We have started with untangling personal eletronic cords (earbuds, USBs, lighting cables, headphones, chargers, etc.) by creating the Recoil Automatic Cord Winder. Invented by David Alden and successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2012, the battle to end cord clutter was on. 

We are now in the process of developing 6 new cord management products. Recoil Manufacturing intends to be the complete cord management solution for home, office and travel with totally innovative and new ways to manage cords and cables.

Our motivation is all the cords we see in every day life hanging out from behind TVs, crowding our feet under the desk, making the bathroom a jungle of cords and of course the jumble of cords necessary to live our mobile life. Follow us on our journey as create and innovative cord management solutions.

Hate tangled cords too? 

Send us an email at tangled@recoilwinders.com. Include a picture of your tangled cords and we will send you a Recoil Winder so you can start living life untangled!

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